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Negative pressure production line
Process control production line

The vacuum transfer & sieving system should be designed totransfer the powder from the container or the original packaging bags through a duct into a closed sieving machine. The powder can be sieved then be transferred into the other container via a vacuum conveyor system. The entire system is controlled through an easy-to-operate control panel and ensures that the limits of dust exposure are controlled throughout the process

The system should consist of the following parts, but not limited to: vacuum power system, conveyor system, control system and sieving machine.

Application Case
1. Screening
Screening machine:Russell Finex Compact Airswept Sieve;
Vacuum conveyors: Piab piPREMIUM 400;
Hoist:ZheJiang Xiaolun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd .JTY-100Q。

2. Weighing:
Vacuum conveyors:Piab piPREMIUM 2200;
Hoist: ZheJiang Xiaolun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd .JTY-100Q

3. Dry preparation:
Vacuum conveyors: Piab piPREMIUM 2200;
Hoist:ZheJiang Xiaolun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd .JTY-100Q。