• Lagoon (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd
Solve bottlenecks such as enterprise quality and output

Fluid process service experts, serving pharmaceutical, high-end food chemicals, coatings, ceramics, etc.

Overall personalized solution

We believe that each application is unique, combined with business knowledge, Lagoon integrates global quality products to customize your overall solution and provide turnkey services.

Full customer service

We believe that service is an important factor affecting our business. Therefore, no matter where you are, our after-sales service team is committed to providing you with prompt, efficient and reliable after-sales service.

Company profile

We are agents of many international well-known brand, such as powder handling equipment(e.g. Russell, UK), vacuum conveying equipment(e.g. Piab, Sweden)and BFM pipe …

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Process control production line、Check Screeners、Grading Sieves、Liquid Solid、Separation、Ultrasonic Deblinding、Self Cleaning Filters、Piab Vacuum conveyors …

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Here at Russell Finex we serve almost every industry in the world with high quality equipment to ensure your final product meets the specification required …

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